Congratulations to D'Rchhaartt (and other randomness)

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Last evening, we initiated D'Rchhaartt into the inner court of the coven. It was great! She's been such a trooper! I don't know anyone else who would have agreed to go camping with people she's only met twice. She's done a lot of hard work and totally deserves it.

Also, we went shopping yesterday, and even took our first step toward our friends and family Yule ritual. We bought the most beautiful material for our altar cloths. So pretty! We learned that grocery shopping when you are HUNGRY is not always the best idea. We bought so much soda and water.... may we never thirst, right? :)

Ist Annual Priestess Training...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
went so wonderfully!! Thanks (and kudos) to Ivy for putting together SUCH a comprehensive program to train us. I learned SO much, especially about myself. It was great Ivy, thanks for being a great high priestess!!