Our First Newsletter (and an open event)

Monday, November 06, 2006
is now posted at http://www.tangledvines.com/twilightmoon/Newsletter1.pdf !

We have two open events coming up. This month, on the 18th, we celebrate Night of 1000 Goddesses- a Participatory Ritual Event, beginning at 6pm.

All of our Women friends are invited...

Night of a Thousand Goddesses
in Arcadia, California
November 18, 2006
Gathering (and set-up) at 6pm, Circle @ 7pm.
Dress: in whatever makes you feel beautiful!

Night of a Thousand Goddesses is a participatory event. Each woman who chooses to, will have the opportunity to honor a goddess during the ritual. Each woman may set up an altar to her chosen Goddess and then during the ritual- tell Her story, evoke Her, make offerings to Her. Learn about different Goddesses and honor them all at this event. We will follow the circle with a potluck dinner.

email ivy at barefoot witch at hotmail dot com (without the space) and you'll be added to the evite.