Fire at the Beach!

Sunday, March 04, 2007
We had our full moon circle at the beach last night. We ran into a few challenges lighting a fire without lighter fluid. (and wow, people are very grudging when they let you borrow theirs) We ended up with a fire, but it did take a little while to get it going. We had our circle and then roasted hot dogs and ate chips. I would have liked to go circle down near the water where no one was, but we didn't have anyone to watch our things.

I learned a few things, though:
  • A dismantled smudge stick makes GREAT kindling
  • Armor All Vehicle wipes are NOT flammable
  • Ashes in your lungs are not good if you are reading a guided meditation
  • If you throw sugar on the bonfire, it makes it BIG for a moment

Afterwards, we went over and hung out with our friends at the SoCalSisterWitches bonfire and drummed a little bit. A bonfire isn't a bonfire without drumming (or singing). At least thats the was *I* feel about.