Pagan Pride Day 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

So, its over a month late, but I wanted to blog a bit about our Pagan Pride Day. All went rather well. A couple of our members were very late because of an ailment, but they got there safe and sound. We met at Willows early in the morning, and caravaned down to the site. We got a little lost and drove around a few times before figuring out how to get in. I swear, that happens EVERY year.

We got in, set up our booth. Azure did most of the merchandizing and set up, because she's got skills. We were lucky enough to get under the same tree as last year (hooray!).

We didn't fare too well, as far as making money was concerned, but neither did many other people. There were too many booths and not enough people. :( However, we had a potluck this year, and brought muffins and doughnuts and sandwiches and sodas. Other booths were jealous!

To view more pics from PPD 2006, visit this link-