Posting Pics of the Ritual!

Monday, December 19, 2005
Now, this might screw up the blog, but I want to try to post pics here...

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Yule Altar

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Another Altar Shot

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Azure Fixing the Light

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Lining Up (only a portion of our line)

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Post Rite

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Post Rite 2

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Yule Tree

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Part of the Potluck

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Last Night's Yule Ritual

Sunday, December 18, 2005
Last night, we had our annual Friends and Family Yule ritual! It was great! We had a nice sized turnout. We started closer to on time than ever before, and we had a few new faces. We took pictures with Raynes digital camera, so hopefully she'll post them here soon.

We seated the spectators- we allow spectators at our rituals, so that those who don't want to particpate can get a feel for what happens. Ligeiya smudged me first so I could go in and cleanse the ritual room. Then, everyone lined up and Ligeiya smudged everyone. Everyone came in and formed a circle around the beautiful altar, and the quarters took their places. I don't want to go into detail about the ritual, but we sacrificed something about ourselves that we didnt like to the dark before we cast the circle. Then we learned the short chant, and I cast the circle. The ritual began. We had our usual enactment of the battle of the kings and we welcomed the sun by calling to him in song. I felt we raised a LOT of energy. I could really feel it on my fingers.

For this ritual, I was in the center of the circle, rather than a part of the circle like I usually am. It was very different, and I really liked the feeling of taking in the energy and helping send it up.

I hope other members will post about how they felt about the ritual....


Friday, December 16, 2005
I'm really getting annoyed. I keep trying to blog to my other blog, but it keeps coming to this one. Are any of the other coven members having this problem?

Preparing for Yule

Every year, we do two friends and family rituals. Last year it was Lughnasadh and Yule. This year we've done Beltane, and we'll be doing Yule this upcoming weekend. Our ritual will be followed by an ornament exchange and a potluck.

Last night, we gathered at the covenstead and did a thorough cleaning. Its amazing how much 5 (well, 6) people can get done. Frank came with Ann and regrouted the tile in the entryway, because people were tripping on the broken tile. We do a lot for the room that we borrow for our meetings and rituals. Our christmas lights have been up since last year (they look really pretty), so we didn't have to do that. Wow, to think, last year we were three people, and now we are seven.


Getting Closer and Closer

Sunday, December 11, 2005
I am really excited about Yule. It's almost here and it is going to be so awesome!!! Working on my ornament for the exchange this year is funstuffs.
Ooooohhhhh and nope it won't be the one that was chillin' on my coffee table either hahahahaha!!!
xo, Rayne


Monday, December 05, 2005
Hi all! I finally got on the blog. I'm so excited about Yule. I can't wait to battle Willow as a King. It's nice to have a part in ritual other than my normal quarter call. I just hope I make you all proud.