Open Pendulum Class- January 20, 2007

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Coven of the Twilight Moon is hosting a pendulum class on January 20th at 7pm in Arcadia, CA.

The class is open to both men and women. The first half of the class will be spent creating your own pendulum. All materials will be provided. We will then consecrate the pendulums, and the last portion of the class will be spent learning the basics of pendulum diving.

Cost is $7-15 sliding scale.
For more information, please contact me (Ivy) at If you don't hear back from me, (or if you'd like to) you can message me at magickalmeli on AIM, or ivyfyre on yahoo.

Yule 2006

Yule was great, as usual. We had a few visitors to our annual open circle, and we had a lot of fun. The food was great, we had our annual ornament exchange- and of course, the annual butt-kicking of the Holly King. We sacrificed our toxic behaviors, and things we'd like to get rid of into our "yule log," and then burned it in the cauldron following the circle, using our hopes and wishes for the new year as kindling. Pictures are here, of course.

Night of a Thousand Goddess Pictures

We only snapped a few shots before everyone came, but feel free to check them out if you like..