Beginning of Summer Update :)

Friday, June 09, 2006
Well, I should update more often, but here's what we've got going on lately...

We've finally got our own little myspace! Each of us have our own, but we decided to get a Coven one for networking purposes. Too fun! Check us out and add us as a friend!

We are going to Pacific Circle once again as a group. Its all we've talked about since we went last year. Its so fun to just hang out, go to ritual and meet fab new people. For the msot part, we do our own thing, and we plan our own individual activities... but its nice to join in on the camp rituals and just hang and drum. I'd totally recommend it.

We say goodbye to two of our sisters- Ligeiya and Navi, who are both staying close to us, but they've found themselves on a different path than the one we are on. We wish them the best of luck, love and light and "we'll see you soon." :) While Nahimana has gone out on sabbatical, we welcome Azure back from her sabbatical. We missed her so much and we're so glad she's back. The circle definitely missed her energy.

We've moved to a new communication format... from the yahoogroups- (we had about 5 or 6) to a message board format that seems to be easier to use. We have a board for those who are friends and family and who would like to be invited to things that the coven sponsors, or open circles. You can find it at . Register, if you like. You'll be able to access the "Open Circle" forum. This forum used to be called Friends and Family, but that was a mouthful. We've decided on "Open Circle," at least for now!

We are planning on an Open Circle Lughnasadh ritual-- we might even make it a campout, so if you are interested in being our friend, register for the new message board or post a comment. :)