Meet and Greet

Friday, April 09, 2010
Last Saturday, we had a meet and greet, inviting women who have expressed interest in joining us. We talked about our group- what we are (structured, hierarchal, casual, fun-loving), and what we aren't (cliquey, drama, patriarchal, Judeo-Christian). We went over our dedicant process, attendance expectations, goals and rules that are very important to us.

Women from the SoCalSisterWitches social group joined us afterwards for a rockin full moon party and self-appreciation and love ritual.

It was so much fun, and was wonderful to see new faces and meet new prospective sisters. We'll probably have an open circle in the early-mid summer to give our aspirants a feel for how it feels in one of our ritual circles, and then begin classes for those who feel like they want to dedicate themselves to our group.

Ostara 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010
Ostara 2010 was so much fun! Below is a slideshow of some of our photos from our ritual. Ostara is a celebration of the Spring equinox... we did this by cleansing, consecrating and planting some plants and creating our coven garden. :) And then of course, we had a potluck!

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