Facebook URL Change!

Thursday, March 31, 2011
 You can now find us on facebook with a shorter URL: http://www.facebook.com/twilightmoon coven. Blessed be!

Ostara 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Well, the first day of spring was hailed by a storm in our neck of the woods. Luckily, we didn't get to much of it last night during our ritual. The Spring Equinox can be celebrated with a ritual of balance and rebirth, and the mother showered us with sprinkles last night as we celebrated our rebirthing (which went fabulously with Aislin's meditation). We had our regular post-ritual celebratory potluck of course, and it included a vegan casserole, colcannon, deviled eggs, cheese (both goat and moo) and crackers. It was a really fun night, and I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful spiritual family.


Our Coven Symbol: The Fleur de Lis

Thursday, March 10, 2011
When one thinks of Paganism, Wicca and witches, many symbols may easily come to mind. One that may not, is the fleur de lis. The fleur de lis is the symbol that we’ve chosen as our coven symbol. This symbol represents us in many ways. The fleur de lis is sometimes called the flower of life, or the flower of light, and it refers to a lily (or an iris).

We are connected with an ancient time, a time of many gods: the symbol has been found on many ancient pieces of pottery and other artifacts dating back to Mesopotamia

We honor both male and female divinity: The lily is a representation of not only femininity and the goddess, but within the lily, one can also seen a symbol of male divinity, as well.

We honor our sexuality and our bodies: While it may been seen by some religions as a symbol of chastity, in the Greek culture, the lily was seen as an erotic flower. It’s also known as a symbol of birth, and motherhood- It’s said that Hera’s milk, while suckling Hercules, overflowed, creating the Milky Way in the heavens, and the white lily here on earth.

We may be different from one another, but we are all beautiful, and are all connected by common threads: Lilies come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but they are all lilies, and are all beautiful.

Call and Response for Ostara

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This is a call and response reading that I wrote, adjusted for a six person group, but could be done as a solitary, as well!

Reader 1: Seeds of spring ride on winter winds,
We circle round with kith and kin

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth (R1 lights R2s candle)

Reader 2: Butterflies flit from flower to flower
The Mother has refreshed her power

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth (R2 lights R3s candle with hers)
Reader 3: Posies bloom from buds unseen
To hearken forth the flower queen

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth (R3 lights R4s candle with hers)

Reader 4: Rays from God upon our face,
They hold us in their deep embrace

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth (R4 lights R5s candle with hers)

Reader 5: Birds chatter up in branches high,
Sharp and sweet, we hear their cry

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth (R5 lights R6s candle with hers)

Reader 6: We soon look forward to longer days,
Mirroring the ancient ways

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth (R6 relights R1s candle with hers)

Reader 1: While day and night are of equal length
May the Goddess bless us with her strength

ALL: We celebrate the renewal of the earth! (R1 lights central candle)