Coven Retreat 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Well, this hasn't been updated in some time. We've all had a lot going on lately.

Me (ivy)- Planning a wedding
Willow- Student teaching
Azure- School/ finals
Nahimana- baby and new job

So, we've all been hard pressed to make sure we all have time together. We took a weekend out of our busy lives and took a retreat. This took place of our annual Pacific Circle campout. Because it takes SO long to get ready for camping, then you camp, then it takes forever to clean up. So. We decided to get a hotel room for the weekend, cook, hangout, spend quality time, go to medieval times, and just chill. We were so grateful for a dishwasher, a real stove, AC and a pool. ;)

So many things went wrong at the hotel, really. Enough for me to actually write a letter. I'm very upset that I haven't recieved a response yet. But... I'll just move up the food chain, I guess. Anyway- we had a lot of fun... I'll be posting a few pictures.. and maybe if I can figure it out, I'll post a little video I took at the hotel. The PITA about posting the pictures, is that I have to resize and re-up all the ones I wanna post. Poops!

ETA: Peektures!