BIG change for the Coven of the Twilight Moon

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coven of the Twilight Moon, a coven crafting the Twilight Wicca tradition, will be splitting into two covens, effective Lughnasadh 2012. This is an organic change, as part of the Coven of the Twilight Moon is based in Orange County, and the other part in North Hollywood. Both covens will circle together at least four times and will meet together at least four times in 2013.

This change alleviates the burden of unpredictable traffic, while enabling those of the Twilight Wicca tradition to continue to honor the gods, grow a close-knit community of practicing women witches, and continue on the journey of personal spiritual growth. Those in our Shadow Sister congregational group will be split as well, assigned to the coven that is geographically closest to their home.

The North Hollywood coven, tentatively named Coven of Midnight's Flame, will be led by Aislin Lumina, the current maiden of the Coven of the Twilight Moon. This coven will include sisters Beth, and Rayne, and any dedicants and Shadow Sisters living west of the 710.

The coven in Orange County, tentatively named Twilight Spiral, will be led by Lady Ivy Artemisia, the high priestess of Coven of the Twilight Moon. This coven will include Shadow Sisters and any dedicants east of the 710.

Shadow sisters and aspirants that live in the 710 corridor, along with Pasadena and Long Beach areas, will be encouraged to check out both covens and may choose whether to join Coven of Midnight's Flame or Twilight Spiral Coven at the discretion of the high priestesses.

Two open rituals will still be offered each year, one summer ritual, and Yule. If you have any questions about this, please contact Ivy Artemisia at For more information about the Twilight Wicca tradition, please visit