Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Well, less than three days have passed since the bubbly toilet incident, and today I got some bad news. Willow posted today on our forum that the rec room has flooded. How sad! The condos on that whole side of the building got flooded. Oh wait... did I mention that it was sewage?! Gross!

I'm going to quote from the post that Willow posted at our coven forum:

The rec room got FLOODED last night. With sewage. All the condos on that side of the complex got flooded last night. (Makes me wonder about the bubbing toilet.) people have had to pull up flooring and everything. They had to pull up the carpet in the rec room and tear holes in the walls to prevent molding. The city also brought in industrial heaters to dry everything out. SO, the rec room is out of commision for a while. However, this cloud has a silver lining. Once everything is dried out and re-dry walled we will have brand new carpet.

So, sad for the condos and the rec room, yay for new carpet. I'm glad we put everything in plastic boxes. I bet we'll have to get a new altar table, though. I'm hoping that everything will be fixed by our open circle for Yule, I'll keep this blog updated!

Fun With a Toilet

Well, I was trying to decide whether or not to post this, but I decided to, anyway. We were sitting around, chatting, and the toilet started bubbling. So, I grabbed my point and shoot, and shot video. Of course, it stopped immediately. But it was still funny. So, I wanted to post us being silly girls. Please ignore the dirty toilet. We are blessed to meet in a community rec room, and we've used almost every cleaning product to try to get that sucker clean.

So, after the sceeery bubbling, I tried to flush it and it wouldn't drain properly. It was funny. TO us, at least.

Pagan Pride Day 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007
This year is the first year that we didn't vend. Actually this is the first year that I've BEEN to PPD and not been stuck in a booth. It was magic!

Really, having a booth is great- its a great way to make money, but last year we barely made our booth fee back. Last year there were a GRIP of people, and a LOT of booths. This year there were less booths, and less people attending. Last year I spoke with a few vendors, and they were having the same problem recouping their booth fee, and many people didn't return to vend. Quelle bummer! We remarked repeatedly that we were having much more fun NOT vending. However, we were missing out on what used to be our biggest fundraiser of the year, and the opportunity to let people know what we are about.

Its a bummer, but the booth fee is kind of steep for organizations wishing to vend to benefit their organization. It may only be $50, but if you are just selling handmade crafts, it takes awhile to even make back the booth fee. A few years ago, there weren't as many booths as there are now, so consumer competition wasn't as fierce.

Anywho, we had a lot of fun! Click the picture below for more pictures taken there!

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We say goodbye...

.... to Azure, may she find her path. She leaves on good terms, of course, and she had better come to Yule. Or else! We'll miss you Azure...

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