Yule 2009 Photos

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Here are the photos from our open Yule circle this year!

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Yule 2009: Brumalia/ Yule

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Our sixth annual open circle was a success! We had a wonderful Brumalia-themed wine tasting Friday evening, and had our sunrise circle come the morning- photos to be added soon!

Dedication 11/09

Monday, November 16, 2009
Let it be known that Claire and Mariana dedicated to the coven, November 14, 2009!
Blessed be!

Rayne Moves to the Inner Court

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
Let it be known that Rayne is now part of the Inner Court once again!

New Website Design!

Sunday, November 01, 2009
Our website has now been redesigned/updated- to link to posts here on the blog.


Our Coven Family

Lady Ivy Artemisia
Inner Court Member- High Priestess
Third Degree

Lady Ivy Artemisia is the High Priestess of the Coven of the Twilight Moon. She has been studying the craft since 1996, and has been working within groups for years. She experimented with energy raised online within a small, close-knit online coven in May 2001 and published an article on online covens in New Witch magazine, and was also mentioned in the book Cyberhenge: modern Pagans on the Internet by Douglas E Cowen.

In 2004, the online coven was dissolved after she joined a local eclectic coven in 2003. Initiated as maiden in this medium-sized group (Temple of the Four Elements), she was elevated to high priestess after the sitting high priestess was diagnosed and was dealing with many medical issues. The members of that coven disagreed with one another in regards to the direction, function and purpose of the group.

Ivy decided to let that group dissolve and start a new coven, one rooted locally with like-minded Wiccan sisters who wanted to build a tradition. Coven of the Twilight Moon was born in April of 2004, the first ritual- Litha. Since then, many sisters have found their path have taken them away from the Coven of the Twilight Moon, and many new sisters have found their way to the coven. She believes that through sisterhood, a common vision, worshipping the gods and love- happiness can be found for those who open their hearts.

Her personal interests include magickal herbalism, sacred crafting, gardening, and healing. Ivy is also a Reiki II practitioner.

Aislin Lumina
Inner Court Member- Maiden
Second Degree

Aislin has been practicing Wicca since Litha 1997 when she dedicated herself to the Goddess. She helped form a group in Boston called the Boston Pagan Alliance in 2000. She has practiced solitary as well as with an informal group in Boston made up of members from the Boston Pagan Alliance. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2004, she sought out a new coven to join and found the Coven of the Twilight Moon. She dedicated herself to the coven in fall of 2008 and was initiated into 1st degree in August of 2009. She is currently working toward her 3rd degree.

Inner Court Member
First Degree- Water

Beth has been a practicing witch for years. Her practice includes magickal herbalism, and kitchen witchery, and usually bakes the cakes for the 'cakes and ale' portion of our rituals.

Rayne Poppy
Inner Court Member
Second Degree

Rayne was originally one of the coven's founding members. After a lengthy leave of absence- and an out of state move- she's found herself back in the coven. She helped create a strong foundation years ago, and it's partially that familiarity that led her back to our circle.

Blood Rose
Shadow Sister
Twilight Tradition Initiate- Second Degree

Shadow Sister
Twilight Tradition Initiate- First Degree

Lea has been Wiccan for a total of about 4 years, though she's only recently rejoined this path once again after following a different road for a few years. Lea is married and a mother of two children (so far). She is a kitchen witch, for the most part, and is interested in healing magick.

Raven Gypsy Willow
Shadow Sister

Raven is a Pagan mother of two wonderful boys who grew up and is currently living in Southern California. She started on my spiritual path over 20 years ago. Surprisingly, when she was told by her BIBLE teacher at Whittier Christian High School, "You need to find your path" and found an article about Ellen Cannon Reed. There it began. Sje started off studying Wicca (Scott Cunningham ~an AMAZING resource) and as her knowledge grew and she started studying other Spiritual paths, and now considers herself an eclectic Pagan. Wiccan with Buddhist flair, as her great friend Brti says. She believes that knowledge is power and she reads and absorbs from all aspects. She hopes that with this group, she can share what she has learned as well as learn from the group.

Shadow Sister

Shadow Sister

Shadow Sister

Shadow Sister

Hayley is a strawberry-blonde Aquarian, with an Aries moon, and a Capricorn rising. She is a master's student in Women's Spirituality at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She lives with her Capricorn boyfriend, David, and in my free time she watches TV, reads lots of different things, writes poetry, starts and never finishes novels, and sings songs. They live in Long Beach, but they've yet to walk on the shore.

(IC wave 1= earth, 2=water, 3=fire, 4=air, 5=spirit)

Dedicant Petition

Click here to download the petition (its a Word document). Send it to Ivy Artemisia at barefootwitch at gmail dot com.

Interested? Here's the Membership Process

We are currently accepting petitions for Outer Court membership. We accept new members eat different times in the year, though you may turn your petition in anytime.

To join us, you must first meet the following requirements:

1) You must be 18 years of age and older.
2) You must be free of chemical illegal drugs.
3) You must have at least a basic knowledge of Wicca and Witchcraft.
4) You must be of an open mind, kind hearted and unjudgmental.
5) You must be within driving distance of the La Mirada and Silver Lake area.
6) You must be able to attend at least 85% of all meetings, classes, events, rituals and workshops.
7) You must have internet access, for most correspondance will be online.
8) If you have a mental illness, you need to be on medication

Joining a coven is a big step and a commitment, and should not be taken lightly. Take some time to think about it, and make sure that it is the path you wish to take.

Here is an overview of our membership process:

1) Download the petition, fill it out and send on to barefoot witch @ gmail dot com (eliminate the spaces and the dot should be an actual dot, and all that). Its in Microsoft Word, if you need it in a txt file, email Ivy, and she'll send it to you.

2) If we believe that you may make a good match with our coven, the High Priestess will ask you some more questions and will schedule a meeting(s) with you. You may also meet with other members of the coven, or active dedicants. An alternative may be a meet and greet, which may include other prospective dedicants.

3) If we seem to fit eachother well, you will be invited to an open ritual and/or a social event.

4) If everything still seems to fit well, you will be invited to dedicate to the coven at a dedication ritual. While one does dedicate onesself to the coven, the dedicant is free to leave at any time, if she feels like it is not a good fit, after all. The members of the Inner Court also is free to ask the dedicant to leave the Outer Court, if they do not feel like a good fit will be possible.  Dedication does NOT guarantee initation.

5) After all classes are completed, Outer Court members may be invited to join the Inner Court, and if so, will be initiated into the coven at next open esbat, or sabbat.

Keep in mind: Outer Court members will be expected to come to open esbats, all sabbats, Dedicant Classes, all coven meetings, and most 'official' social functions. Outer Court members will not come to inner court meetings, working rituals, closed esbats and some inner court trainings. Outer Court members will be invited to most camping trips and festivals. Outer Court members are expected to contribute dues (Sliding scale $5-20 a month). Dedication does NOT guarantee initation. It's more like a trial period, to make sure it will work out. We enjoy our family dynamic, and while we are open to embracing new family members, we want to make sure that they are OUR family.

Requirements: Dedication and Initiation

Requirements for Dedication into the Outer Court

Must be accepted into the Outer Court
Must write a dedication oath for the dedication rite
Must be ready to accept and follow the bylaws of the Coven of the Twilight Moon

Requirements for Initiation into the Inner Court (initiation into the first degree of Wicca in the Twilight Tradition)

Must currently be in the Outer Court
Must be invited by the Inner Court to initiate
Must have a good grasp of background knowledge of Wicca and Witchcraft (ex: completed the W101 classes)
Must acquire a black robe and a white summer dress or robe
Must write a new dedication oath
Must be ready to advance their studies, and be ready to study toward their second degree

Dedicant Expectations

Our dedicants are expected to be nice people, and drama free. We avoid a cliquey atmosphere. We aren't judgemental,and we don't put down other religions. In addition to attending Wicca 101 classes, and participating in Sabbat rituals. The following explains some facts about our coven family. If you want to dedicate, you will be expected to adopt these values.

Our group is:

  • Loving and caring towards others.
  • A group of women who share the same views and ideas.
  • A group that wishes to continuously grow through learning.
  • A group that follows our path, and embraces all traditions and takes from them to form our coven tradition.
  • A group that is NOT dominating, and allows freedom of thoughts and ideas.
  • A group of women who are committed to the worship of the Goddess and the God.
  • A group that is willing to help others, including outside of the coven.
  • A group that understands their limits and asks for help whenever needed.
  • A group that always has free will and judgement. No one is required to do anything they are uncomfortable with.
  • A family of Sisters that can call upon one another in times of emotional distress, sadness, or basic need, without fear of judgement or rejection.
  • pen minded.
  • Free spirits.
  • Magickal people who also honor the Earth and the Elements.
  • group that supports continuous growth in the person�s own spiritual journey.
  • Sensitive to other people in the group regarding their belief systems and spirituality. No Wiccan is the same as another.
  • Advocates for the Craft, through ritual and spellwork, or being out of the proverbial �broom closet� and educating others.
  • A group that embraces diversity and change.
  • A group of women who take responsibility for our actions

Dedicant and Initiate Training

Dedicant Training

Dedicant training takes place in a series of weekly beginning Wicca classes, casually referred to as Wicca 101. These classes may be open to other women who aren't dedicants, and these classes are a requirement for initiation. These classes teach Wicca from our perspective, and include homework. Even if you have taken Wicca 101 before, you must take our classes.

Regarding W101 and Homework

I wrote the following after a student complained about having homework.

You might know most of what we are learning in Wicca 101 already. But its very important that you keep an open mind and be ready to try new things. Part of being in a coven is learning the tradition, even though it probably differs from your personal tradition. From altar set-up, to ritual outline, to who you honor in your personal practice, our rituals will not mirror them exactly. This doesn't mean that you can't practice your personal tradition. It simply means that while in group, you'll be practicing our tradition. You'll be expected to learn how we do things in our Twilight Tradition... from casting and sealing the circle, to calling quarters, to evoking the gods... you will be learning our traditions. This also doesn't mean that your input means nothing... our tradition is alive, and is ever-changing and building. As an initiate, we all contribute to the creation of rituals, classes, etc.

Part of being a witch is facing challenges. It might be difficult or even uncomfortable for you at times to learn some of the things that we are teaching, or even to perform part of the ritual. Just like it may have been difficult to get up in front of everyone and do the consecration, it might be difficult to practice casting and sealing circles in front of your coven sisters.

It's going to be tough to switch from doing things YOUR way to doing things OUR way. But its important that you face those challenges. Even the small changes can take getting used to. For example, in my personal practice, my altar faces east. In the coven tradition, the altar faces north. Just that small change took a while for me to get used to. Here's another example: say that you might have problems visualizing details, and instead see vague colors or shapes. Well, if we were doing a working ritual that depended on a detailed group visualization, it would be important that we all visualized the same thing. Therefore, it would be very important for you to be able to visualize details.

Another challenge that you may face (especially in Wicca 101) is becoming bored. As a student/dedicant of the group, you may already know a lot of what's being taught. You are only as bored as you let yourself be. And if you let yourself become bored, then you may miss something that you don't know. I'm constantly learning new ways to look at things as I teach the Wicca 101 class. Its not boring, it's all important.

The homework given in W101 is a chance for you to challenge yourself. We don't assign homework so that you can spend a couple distracted minutes writing down the least amount of stuff you can to float by. You choose to be here, and we expect you to be challenged- if you already know a good deal of what we are teaching in Wicca 101, then its your responsibility to challenge yourself with the homework. For example, let's take the homework where you must research a specific tool, for example. If you already know everything there is to know about the cauldron, then choose a lesser known tool, like the boline. Or, research the lore and myths that involve the tool. We try to make the homework as open-ended as possible, to suit all knowledge levels. This is a chance for you to become more knowledgeable, a chance to be motivated to dig deeper into the basics of Wicca.

One of our main focuses is education, especially spiritual education. We believe that we are always students. Even while rehashing the basics, there is always an opportunity to learn. We should always be reading a book on the craft, even in our busy lives there is always time to read. Put it in the bathroom. Everyone spends some time in the bathroom... may as well read. :) If you are initiated into our coven, you will find that our degree system is a self-paced program, where you are expected to read, write, practice, learn and do challenging work in order to progress. We are all about constant learning.

Initiate Training

Initiate training is self-paced, in addition to classes taught by sister coveners. We have a 3 degree system, and it is self paced. It should take a year from 1st degree to 2nd degree (every sister is expected to get to 2nd degree), and then it can take anywhere from a year to several years to reach 3rd degree.

Meetings and Rituals

Coven Meetings
The coven meets monthly on a saturday evening. The Inner Court meets alone for 2 hours, and then both courts come together for a 2 hour meeting. These "all coven" meetings include classes ran by initiates, craft nights (where everyone brings something that they are working on), social evenings, or game nights.

Coven Rituals
We circle together for sabbats and esbats. Sabbats are open to both Inner and Outer Courts and are held on a Saturday (usually evening) close to the sabbat. Esbats are Inner Court only events and are held the evening of the full moon. All meetings and rituals for the year are laid out in advance in the december of the previous year. All members are expected to attend all events (no less than 75% attendance).

Why Women-Born Women?

Coven of the Twilight Moon is restricted to women-born women only. Does this mean that we are prejudiced towards (non women-born) people who identify as women, or those who are transexual or transgendered? No, not at all!

Women who grew up as girls have had different social experiences than women who didn't grow up as women. These societal pressures and other experiences of growing up as a women aid us in relating to one another, and also give us common issues and challenges to overcome. Also, many times the energy is very different between women born women, and women who weren't born physically female. Just because a group doesn't allow non-women born women doesn't mean the group is prejudiced- it just means that the group has a focus that is exclusive to women-born women.

Just as a Greek Reconstructionist group has a focus that is exclusive to those who are interested in Greek culture. Celtic Recons would have to find another group that fits their needs.
We understand that its tough to find a group that fits ones needs, and many of the tight-knit covens are exclusive to one group or another (ie; gay men).

There is a group for everyone, and if you can't find one, start one- there are probably people in your situation (age/tradition/gender/etc) who are looking for a coven, too!

Coven Structure and Roles

Groups of Members

Initiates- Coven members who have been initiated into the Coven/Tradition

First Degree- degree that you achieve during your first initiation
Second Degree- degree elevation after a depth of learning, able to teach
Third Degree- degree elevation to the priesthood
(Initiates are expected to work toward their second degree, but having reached that level, initiates can choose whether or not they want to train toward the priesthood)

Dedicants- Coven members who have dedicated themselves to the Coven, but not yet initiated

Aspirants- Aspiring coven members who have not yet dedicated themselves to the coven, interested parties


The Court System

Membership is made up of two courts, the inner court and the outer court. Both courts are expected to contribute dues ($5-20, sliding), collected at the monthly meetings.

Outer Court
The outer court is made up of dedicants who are interested enough in the coven to commit to participating in 75% of coven gatherings. Members of the outer court are invited to Sabbat and open Esbat rituals, social events and beginning classes. Some outer court members may be invited to more advanced classes. Outer court members will be assigned a sponsor, who will help the dedicant, including mentoring and answering any questions about the coven or religion. Outer Court members will dedicate themselves to the coven during a Sabbat or open esbat ritual, or possibly during a ritual with that express purpose. Outer Court members are referred to as "Aspirants,"until they dedicate themselves to the coven. Once they have dedicated themselves to the coven, they are referred to as "Dedicants."

Inner Court
The inner court is the group of initiates in the coven. The inner court meets regularly to discuss coven business, and are included in advanced and specialized classes. The inner court works on advancing their degrees.

The combined number of people won't exceed 15.


Coven Officers

High Priestess- leads rituals or designates the leader, coordinates day-to-day coven business and finances, makes decisions after getting everyones opinions, or organizes votes (usually polls on the yahoogroup). Acts in the best interest of the group.

Maiden- is the HPS back-up and assistant, fills in for HPS when HPS is absent or unable to fulfill her duties

Scribe- takes notes at meetings and coven events, posts on forum, also maintains coven calendar and coven history

Bylaws (Tradition and Coven)

Tradition Bylaws
11/10- clarified verbiage

I. Introduction
a. The Twilight Tradition of Wicca was created in the year 2004, on the 22nd day of April as a not-for-profit tradition of Wicca dedicated to bringing practitioners together to practice Wicca creating a new, lineaged tradition.
II. Core Values of the Twilight Tradition of Wicca
a. The core values of the Twilight Tradition of Wicca (henceforth referred to in this document as the Tradition) are as follows:
i. Honor polarity- honor both the Lord and Lady
ii. Celebrate the eight sabbats of the wheel of the year
iii. Celebrate the full moon esbat each month
iv. Honor the structure set in place in these bylaws
v. In magick, heed the Rede
vi. Utilize the Wiccan ritual structure
vii. Honor the tradition in the tools and altar

III. Organization and Structure of Covens within the Tradition
a. Covens in the Tradition shall be structured and organized as follows: The coven shall exist of the Officers, Inner Court and Outer Court.An additional congregational group may be created at the discretion of the individual coven. All potential coven members shall be over the age 18.
b. Degrees of Participation
i. Guests: Interested people who attend open events and meetings
ii. Aspirants: People who are interested in becoming a member of the Outer Court
iii. Outer Court Members/ Dedicants: People who have filled out the application, been accepted as a Dedicant , but have not been Initiated as an Inner Court member, denoted by a black cord
iv. First Degree Initiates: Initiates that are beginning their course of study of Wicca and Witchcraft in the Coven, denoted by a green cord
v. Second Degree Initiates: Initiates that are advanced in their studies and/are in training to become High Priestess status in the Coven, denoted by a green and gold cord
vi. Third Degree Initiates: Initiates who have received High Priestess Status in the Coven, denoted by a white and gold cord

IV. Membership within the Coven
a. Membership within the Coven may be terminated at the High Priestess (or Initiates) discretion at any time, and without warning. This includes any of the following reasons: endangering the coven and/or its members, outrageous behavior, alcohol and illegal drug intoxication during ritual, illegal chemical drug use at any coven event, putting the coven in a poor light within the community, untreated mental illness, or conflict/issues within the coven.
b. There will be two courts within the Coven within the Tradition, the Inner Court and the Outer Court
c. The Inner Court shall consist of all Initiated members of the Coven
d. The Inner Court shall discuss most matters of program planning and activities, finances and budgeting, networking and outreach and all other basic coven matters
e. Initiates are expected to heed the Wiccan Rede, and act in accordance to the principles of the religion of Wicca
f. The Outer Court will consist of members that have dedicated, but are not initiated
g. The High Priestess shall be the main facilitator of the coven, in her absence, the Maiden shall assume the position of the High Priestess. If the Maiden is absent, then another officer member shall step in.

V. Offices within Covens of the Tradition; the Officers and Elders Council
a. The officers and elders council consists of the Coven officers and is established to work on policies and discuss administration issues. Offices will be filled, and additional offices may be added as seen fit by each individual coven of the tradition. HPS of each coven will be responsible for filling those offices, and will take under advisement opinions set forth by the other officers. These officers will form an elders council. There may be positions created by the HPS that are not offices such as special coordinators and Sponsors.
b. High Priestess
i. Responsibilities will vary, but may include:
(1) Chairs the Inner Court
(2) Responsible for spiritual counseling and growth of the Coven
(3) Establishes policies for the Coven
(a) Policies may not circumvent nor contradict the Bylaws of the Tradition
(b) When a Sister Covens policy is found to conflict with the Bylaws of the Tradition, the Bylaws of the Tradition shall take precedence
(4) Coordinates training
(5) Leads rituals or designates the leader
(6) Keeps Coven Book of Shadows with help from Scribe
(7) Appoints officers
ii. The High Priestess shall be assisted by the Maiden, or the Inner Court
iii. If the office of High Priestess is rendered vacant by death, retirement, or other reason, the Maiden will step into the office with the approval of the Inner Court. If the Inner Court disagree, a new High Priestess of at least second degree will be decided upon or the coven will be dissolved. If there is no Initiate of the second degree, an acting High Priestess will decided upon, and the Inner Court will actively seek a new High Priestess.

c. Maiden
i. Responsibilities will vary, but may include:
(1) Assists the High Priestess with rituals and other tasks
(2) Assists in teaching
(3) Provides spiritual counseling
(4) Assists in the administration of the Coven
(5) Serves as an example to the rest of the Coven in her participation, ethics and spiritual principles
(6) To be a resource to the coven, especially in her knowledge of lore
(7) To aid in setting up and taking down of the ritual area
( To act as High Priestess when High Priestess is absent
(9) Collects Dues

d. Scribe
i. Responsibilities will vary, but may include:
(1) Keeps minutes at meetings
(2) Handles correspondence
(3) Keeps general records of projects and activities
(4) Keeps written record of Coven history

VI. Grievances
a. If an Initiate or Dedicant has a grievance with another Initiate or Dedicant that interferes in the participation of ritual or other coven activities, it may be resolved in the following manner:
i. The Initiate or Dedicant should first schedule a meeting with the person(s) with whom she has a grievance, to attempt to resolve the issue. This meeting should take place on neutral ground. Participants may request the presence of the High Priestess or other Officer to act as witness.
ii. Neither party will talk, state, write, e-mail, or post publicly any view, opinion, hearsay about the grievance.
iii. If the grievance can not be solved by the aforementioned method, than the person(s) with the grievance should schedule a meeting with the High Priestess or the Inner Court to attempt to find a resolution
iv. No records of these meetings shall be kept, save to record that the meeting took place, the names of those who attended, and any decisions rendered.

VII. Disciplinary Actions
a. If a coven member breaks any of the bylaws or is found to cast the Tradition, the Coven, Wicca, Paganism or Witchcraft in a poor light, she may be subjected to the following disciplinary actions
i. High Priestess may schedule a meeting(s) with the Initiate or Dedicant to resolve grievances or issues
ii. Initiate or Dedicant may be asked not to attend rituals until grievance is resolved
iii. Initiate or Dedicant may be asked not to attend any coven activities until grievance is resolved
iv. Initiate or Dedicant may be asked to leave the coven

b. Disciplinary actions taken by the Coven will not include the removal of an Initiates degree. Initiation is a state, which, once conferred, may not be rescinded.

c. Any Initiate or Dedicant who has been asked to leave the Coven, or banished from the Coven may not claim membership in the Coven.


Coven Bylaws

I. Core Goals of the Coven of the Twilight Moon (also referred to as Twilight Moon Coven or the Coven in this document)
a. Practice our craft in the Twilight Tradition of Wicca
b. Honor the Gods
c. Strengthen the bonds of our sisterhood
d. Education of our circle sisters, as well as the community

II. Attendance and Meetings

a: Initiates
1. Each initiate of the coven is expected to participate in 75% of meetings, events and activities, including training and studies.
2. Meetings will take place approximately two-three times per month. Estimated meetings will include Sabbat Celebrations, Full Moon Esbats, Training, and/or meetings and social gatherings.

b: Dedicants
1. Each dedicant of the coven is expected to participate in 85% of all assigned meetings, events and activities, and 100% of all dedicant classes. Make-up work may be accepted in lieu of a class, at the discretion of the teacher.
2. Dedicants may be invited to Sabbats, Meetings and other open activities, approximately two times per month. Class schedule will be assigned in advance.

III. New Membership and Outer Court
a. To become a member of Coven of the Twilight Moon, one must go through the procedure outlined below:
i. Outer Court Process
1. Prospective Outer Court member will fill out application online, and send to High Priestess
2. Prospective Outer Court member will attend an interview with the High Priestess and/or Officer(s), where a set of questions will be asked. Several meetings may be scheduled, dependent upon availability. If all Initiates attending the meeting agree, she will be accepted as a Outer Court member (may be online, via email, or in-person)
3. Each Outer Court member may be assigned an Inner Court sponsor dependent upon membership in the coven. The sponsors responsibility will be to make sure that Outer Court members questions are answered, and to be a liaison of sorts from the Outer Court member to the Inner Court.
4. Outer Court members will be expected to come to esbats, sabbats, wicca 101 classes, and social functions. Outer Court members will not come to regular coven meetings, working rituals, and in-coven trainings. They MAY be invited to camping trips and festivals. Outer Court members are expected to contribute dues.
5. Outer Court members may be invited to join the Inner Court after completion of mandatory classes and projects. Initiates will discuss the candidate for initiation, and dedicant may be initiated/dedicated into the coven at next esbat. HPS may overrule this if she feels as though the member would be a detriment to the group dynamic.
6. The combined number of members of all groups within the coven will not exceed 15
b. Petitions
i. Petitions for the Outer Court may be accepted quarterly, each Greater Sabbat will be a cut off date for petitions. There may be other dates where the Outer Court will open for new members, and there may be periods of time that the Coven remains closed to any new members.

V: Shadow Sisters- A Circle of Congregants
a. Participation
1. Membership in Coven of the Twilight Moon’s congregational circle, Shadow Sisters, is by invitation only, and may be made up of friends and aspirants
2. Shadow Sisters are invited to attend most sabbats, all-coven meetings and other rituals at the discretion of the Inner Court
3. Participation is not mandatory, however if a member does not attend events for 4-6 months, her membership within the Shadow Sisters may be terminated
4. Membership within the Shadow Sisters may be terminated at any time by the HPS

VI. Special Requirements for Participation within Coven of the Twilight Moon
a. If one is diagnosed with a mental illness, one must be taking medication for said mental illness
b. One must be free of illegal chemical drug use during their membership in the coven
c. One may not be dedicated to another coven while dedicated to Twilight Moon Coven
d. One must be born a woman to take part as a dedicant within the coven, though open events will be open to those to identify with any gender

VI. Colors, Dress and Coven Symbolism
a. The main colors of Coven of the Twilight Moon are black, white and purple. Coveners will dress in black robes during the fall and winter seasons, and will dress in black or white dresses or other lightweight ritual garb in the summer
c. The coven symbol is a fleur de lis

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the outer court?
The bylaws define the Outer Court (OC) as �Outer Court Members: People who have filled out the application, been accepted as a Dedicant and received a sponsor, but have not been Initiated and Dedicated as an Inner Court member.� Each dedicant/outer court member may receive a sponsor, a person within the coven who can answer any questions about the coven, the tradition, etc.

Who chooses my sponsor?
The HPS chooses the sponsor based on a few factors, including relationships, experience, interests and energy.

Will I be initiated?
As an outer court dedicant, you will be expected to participate in a dedication ritual at an esbat, dedicating yourself to the coven and your sisters. If it happens that you are asked to join the inner court, you will then be initiated into our coven and the tradition.

What is expected of me?
You are expected to dedicate yourself to the coven and your sisters. In doing so, you are expected to come to all esbat and sabbat rituals. (A few esbats may be inner circle only) You are also expected to come to social events and contribute dues monthly on a sliding scale $5-20. For example: 75% attendance is mandatory. If your attendance falls below that, a discussion with the High Priestess will be required. In addition to the in-person meetings, you will be expected to check into the online forum, at least once every few days. You are expected to act as a participant at ritual, and may be asked to help take down or put up the altar.

What about training?
You will be invited to join our Beginning Wicca classes that will take place weekly. Also, you may be invited to a few advanced classes depending on your experience, interests, and other factors.

How many degrees are in the Twilight Tradition?
We have three degrees. When one is initiated into the Inner Court of the coven, she receives her first degree. In order to receive the first degree, one must have some background knowledge of Wicca. One then works toward the second degree, gaining lots more background knowledge, as well as knowledge of catalysts, spellwork timing, etc. Once one receives her second degree, she is ready to train for the third degree, the priestesshood, if she chooses. Once the initiate earns third degree, she is rightfully are able to use the title �Lady,� and will probably hive off a coven of her own. The degree program is mostly individualized, self paced study using a working book of shadows compiled by Ivy, though when training for the third degree, there will be meetings with the HPS to train in counseling, group dynamics and other work.

We are an eclectic-traditional Wiccan coven. What exactly does that mean?
The term "eclectic Wicca" is widely used nowadays and can be used to mean the practice of anything that isn't in the traditional sense. Most traditional covens work with the Gods of just one pantheon. Many traditional covens stick with one ritual pattern, a few set ways of raising energy, and follow a set of practices that are never wavered upon.
The term "eclectic Wiccan" is tough to define. If you are too eclectic, and aren't really following most of the Wiccan traditions, then you really aren't Wiccan anymore. (even if you DO follow the rede). So it's a fine line to be trod.
Our "eclecticness" pulls from our willingness to honor Gods from different pantheons, and our willingness to explore different ways of ritual and magick. We will have a usual "ritual outline" that follows the traditional Wiccan outline, but we will be open to different types of ritual. We will be open to different ways of raising energy and be willing to be serious during times where we need to be serious, but open to laughter when we need that as well.
Sometimes eclectic groups tend to be disorganized and not really serious. That's not us. We are serious about our religion, we are serious about our craft, but we know how and when to let loose and have fun! :) We are traditional in our ritual structure, our hierarchy, our officers, and our degree structure.

What should I wear to ritual?
In the colder months, all black. The Inner Court will be in black robes, so if you want to wear a black robe, that�s great, otherwise black clothing that you can move comfortably around in.In the spring, and summer, we change to white ritual garb.

About the Coven

Coven of the Twilight Moon is a traditional-style eclectic Wiccan coven in Southern California. We use the qualifier "traditional-style" eclectic Wicca, because there are many "eclectic Wiccan" groups out there who do not follow many of the tenets of Wicca as we percieve them. Over the years, eclectic Wicca has seemed to take on the meaning of "everything goes." We practice the craft of Wicca in the spirit of the tradition. While, we are not of British Traditional lineage, we believe in the polarity of the God and Goddess, we use the Wiccan ritual structure, we believe the law of return, and abide by the Rede.

We honor the moon in esbat circles, and celebrate the eight holidays of the wheel of the year. Our coven is structured, hierarchal and all initiates contribute to circles, gatherings, lessons and fun. That being said, we are eclectic. We honor God/dess(es) from different cultures, we aren't afraid to try new things in circle, and we add to our structure, rituals, classes and sisters- in order to further our growth as individuals, as a magickal group, and as a family.

Most of us are out of the broom closet, for the most part. We may not shout it from the rooftops, but we do take photos and post them online. Also, we are all women-born women, and our practices focus on education, inner growth and sisterhood.

Our Calendar

Photos from Pagan Pride Day!

Here are a few photos from Pagan Pride Day...

Click here for more!

And a photo of Aislin and Azi (Rose's son)

Samhain 2009

On Friday night, we had our Samhain ritual. We honored our ancestors in a ritual circle, wrote letters to our loved ones, and read aloud names of those who have passed. We traveled along a lit path and enjoyed our time together. Following circle, we had a WONDERFUL including Rugala, Pasta Salad (Vegan), Pork Pastries, Baked Potato Soup (Vegan), Lasagna (Vegan- never would have guessed theres no meat nor cheese), Peanut Butter Balls (Vegan), Pumpkin Doughnuts (Vegan), and Spinach. Yummy!


Our New Scribe

Monday, October 26, 2009
Let it be known that Aislin has volunteered to be our new Scribe!

Pagan Pride Day 2009!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009
We attended Pagan Pride Day this past weekend, and we had so much fun! We sold our handcrafted items, and we made more money than we have in years past. This was the fifth year we've vended at this event, and it was the perfect day! Photos will come later. I took some video, and I'm going to try to post these as well! :)

Rayne (Re)Joins Outer Court

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Let it be known, that Rayne, a 2* in our tradition has (re)joined our Outer Court. This happened weeks ago, but only had time to post about it now. :)

Night of a Thousand Goddesses 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

We invited a few people to this open event. Among them, two sisters interested in joining our group we able to join us for this evenings event. Each sister put together a presentation on a goddess, and presented it to the rest of the group, in a sacred circle. This culminated in an awesome energy raising, and a wonderful, yummy potluck, as well as our traditional fire! Photos are in our photobucket.

Last Weekend

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aislin and Beth- Initiates!

Sunday, August 16, 2009
Let it be known that tonight, Aislin and Beth were initiated into the Coven of the Twilight Moon! Blessed be, sisters!

Night of a Thousand Goddesses 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Save the Date!
Coven of the Twilight Moon presents- Night of a Thousand Goddesses
The Evening of August 22, 2009
Silver Lake, California

What happens when women come together to share knowledge and connect with the Goddess? Magick happens!

Night of a Thousand Goddesses is an event where each participant has the opportunity to educate and enlighten other sisters in the Pagan community. Each sister may bring and create an altar to a Goddess of their inclination, and share the story of their Goddess, as well as do an evocation, an offering, lead a meditation or chant, or any other Goddess focused activity. We usually cast a less formal circle than usual and create sacred space to begin the event, and then go around the circle, where we can explain our altar, tell our Goddess’ story, and lead our activity. Participants don’t HAVE to lead an activity, but it’s really great if most do.

This is the second time we’ve done this community-oriented event. After circle, we’ll have a potluck, and time to look at everyone’s altar. There will also be extra candles available, if one would like to light candles at any of the altars.

This event is women-only- no men.

This year we’ll be having it at Aislin and Beth’s home in Silver Lake. You can find a few photos from our previous event at - http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a268/twilightmoon/NOATG/

If you are interested, send an email to Ivy at barefoot witch@gmail.com (no spaces) :)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lughnasadh 2009

This year, for Lughnasadh/ Lammas, we celebrated the first harvest by making corn dollies and geting rid of bad habits. Sadly, Aislin couldn't make it, and we missed her dearly. We also had a guest at this ritual, Rayne, who is a 2* in our tradition, and who used to be in our coven.

July Esbat

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Esbat last night was nice. We connected with the element of water, and felt refreshed afterwards! :) The moon was high and bright and beautiful!

Midsummer Incense

Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Grind and mix the following together:

  • Lavender (LOTS!)
  • Rose Buds
  • Marigold
  • Mugwort
  • Copol
  • Elder
  • Thyme

Photos from Litha!

Monday, June 22, 2009
Photos from our Midsummer celebration have now been posted! http://s368.photobucket.com/albums/oo126/twilightmooncoven/Litha%202009/
Click to see more!

Litha 2009

This Litha, we partnered with another circle for ritual, and it turned out fabulous. Our circle centered around self-love, and it was a great experience. After the circle, sangria was consumed, our potluck feast was eaten, and we had a little bit of drumming. Aislin taught us all a wonderful chant she learned on a Midsummers evening long ago. Pictures to come!

Elemental Chant

Behold, there is magic all around you
Behold, there is magic all around you
Behold, there is magic all around you
Awaken, rejoice and sing.

I am the air within you,
I am the breath of life within you,
I am the breeze blowing through you
I am all that I am


I am the fire within you,
I am the spark of life within you,
I am the flame burning through you,
I am all that I am.


I am the water within you,
I am the well of life within you,
I am the wave moving through you,
I am all that I am.


I am the earth within you,
I am the force of life within you,
I am the ground beneath you,
I am all that I am.


Tomorrow is Litha!

Friday, June 19, 2009
This weekend is Litha and we're so excited to host a sister circle for Midsummer! We'll post photos this weekend! Hope everyone has a great Solstice festival!

Samhain and Imbolc Photos!

Friday, May 29, 2009
These have been posted in our photo album... more Ostara and Beltane to come! I'll post a bit about Beltane once I get the photos... :)

Here are a couple from Imbolc:



And a few from last Samhain:



Coven Meeting 4/18/09

Monday, April 20, 2009
This recent weekend, we had our coven meeting and it was really nice. We did a few of the energy exercises described in my recent blog, as well as one that Aislin had tried before. In addition to being fun, it was really good to practice moving our energies around within our bodies, and from one person to another.

Energy Pushing Exercise
Aislin said that she thinks that this exercise might be in Penczak’s Inner Temple book.

One person is the ‘pusher,’ the other is the ‘receiver.’ Both parties stand facing one another and they might close their eyes to improve their concentration. The pusher begins to direct energy toward the other person with the intent to push the receiver, making her lean back. The other people act as observers, as both pusher and receiver will probably have their eyes shut.

This was a great exercise. We switched partners throughout the exercise, which was my original plan- but time really flew by quicker than expected- so we’ll have to do the other exercises next time.

We also discussed our plans for Beltane! :)

Ostara 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This years Ostara ritual was led by Bloodrose- who did a great job! Our theme was the growth that spring brings, and our preritual activity is obvious if you look at the above picture. Lots of fun!

Imbolc 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well, Mother Nature changed our plans for Imbolc. Our original plan was to "create" a well, and tie clooties to the trees around it, as well as include a processional lit by many candles. But Mother Nature had other plans in store for us. Rain. And more rain. And still more rain. So, inside we went. Instead of our dressing of the well, we created Brighids crosses.

The rest of the ritual went as planned. We blessed and consecrated flower bulbs that we will soon plant at Ostara. We chose the Iris, because of its association with the Fleur de Lis, our coven symbol. We honored Brighid, and we enjoyed a kitty guest in our circle. Pictures will be posted this week!

Dedication (Aislin and Beth)

Monday, February 02, 2009
Let it be known that Aislin and Beth have dedicated themselves to the Coven of the Twilight Moon! Blessed be, new (official) outer court sisters!


Prayer Beads

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tonight, we had our February meetings. We went over our goals for this year, and how we will try to achieve them, as well as introduced our monthly theme aspect. Each initiate will take a turn researching and presenting about a goddess- her lore, activities, and more, and this will also tie into our esbat rite. We're really excited and looking forward to this. Tonights discussion was about personal practices, and devotions. Our craft this evening was the creation of prayer beads. We each created a set of prayer beads that were personal to us, and then, also created a small elemental mala for each sister. Pictures are uploaded here!

New Yule Pics Posted

Friday, January 09, 2009
New Yule Pictures have been posted!


Festival of Lights

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Invocation to Brighid

Great Lady Brighid!
Daughter of the Dagda,
Wife to Bres,
Exalted One,
She who makes her home at Kildare,
Bright Fiery Power!
She who inspires poets and writers, hearth Mother,
She who honors, Heals and promotes the family,
Patronness of the arts, and smithcraft,
Bright Maiden!
Come to us tonight!
As we honor you on your festival day!

Mistletoe- Not Just for Kissing

Mistletoe- Not Just for Kissing
(from our 10/06 newsletter)
by Ivy Artemisia

Did you know that Mistletoe- one of the holidays most inspiring traditions- is really a parasitic plant named for bird feces?

Mistletoe grows on hardwood trees, such as oak and apple trees. It’s parasitic, and as it grows, it thrusts its roots into the bark of the tree. While this rarely kills the host tree, mistletoe sucks nutrients and water from the host tree and uses this to further its growth. The berries of the mistletoe are eaten by birds, who then deposit their droppings on the branches where they’ve feasted, thus ensuring the cycle of life of the mistletoe plant. Actually, the name “mistletoe” is derived from the Anglo-Saxons. Their word for dung was “mistle” and the word for twig was “tan.” “Mistletan” was Old English for Mistletoe, and that reminds us that it was named for the bird droppings.

Bird crap aside, the Druids believed the mistletoe plant was of divine origin. In serious Winter Solstice rituals, druids would lead long processionals through the forest, until they came upon mistletoe growing on an oak tree. The head Druid would cut the mistletoe away from the host tree with a golden sickle. It was then caught upon a white linen cloth and was not allowed to touch the ground. The Druids believed that this plant was able to cure illness and other maladies and gave it the Celtic name “uile” or All-Heal. They also believed that it was a fertility plant, given to them by the Gods. You can still find All-Heal in many herbal shoppes, though it is poisonous and can cause stomach issues and it may even be fatal.

In rural Sweden and Switzerland, people believed that in order to get the full potency of mistletoe, one had to collect it in a special way at a certain time. The sun had to be in Sagittarius, and the moon must be waning. Also, the mistletoe had to be shot or knocked down and caught before touching the ground. It was also believed to protect against witchcraft and sorcery and was used in counter magic, in order to counter curses and hexes.

The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe most likely came from the associate of the plant with the Scandinavian cultures. Frigga, a Norse Goddes,s had taken the oath of every person and plant that they would not harm her son, Balder. All, except the mistletoe plant- she thought it too young, small and inconsequential. Loki found the mistletoe and, steering his hand, convinced Balder’s blind brother, Hod to heave the mistletoe at Balder. The dart of mistletoe went through Balder, killing him instantly. Frigga’s tears turned the red berries of mistletoe to white, and with his mother’s kiss Balder was restored to life. Frigga was so grateful that she declared that anyone who walked under mistletoe shall be bestowed upon them a kiss.

Mistletoe is one of the most revered and holy plants of the ancients. Transcending cultures and geography, this herb is known for its powerful healing and harming properties. So, next time you kiss someone under the mistletoe- remember just how powerful the herb above you might be.