Dedicant Expectations

Sunday, November 01, 2009
Our dedicants are expected to be nice people, and drama free. We avoid a cliquey atmosphere. We aren't judgemental,and we don't put down other religions. In addition to attending Wicca 101 classes, and participating in Sabbat rituals. The following explains some facts about our coven family. If you want to dedicate, you will be expected to adopt these values.

Our group is:

  • Loving and caring towards others.
  • A group of women who share the same views and ideas.
  • A group that wishes to continuously grow through learning.
  • A group that follows our path, and embraces all traditions and takes from them to form our coven tradition.
  • A group that is NOT dominating, and allows freedom of thoughts and ideas.
  • A group of women who are committed to the worship of the Goddess and the God.
  • A group that is willing to help others, including outside of the coven.
  • A group that understands their limits and asks for help whenever needed.
  • A group that always has free will and judgement. No one is required to do anything they are uncomfortable with.
  • A family of Sisters that can call upon one another in times of emotional distress, sadness, or basic need, without fear of judgement or rejection.
  • pen minded.
  • Free spirits.
  • Magickal people who also honor the Earth and the Elements.
  • group that supports continuous growth in the person�s own spiritual journey.
  • Sensitive to other people in the group regarding their belief systems and spirituality. No Wiccan is the same as another.
  • Advocates for the Craft, through ritual and spellwork, or being out of the proverbial �broom closet� and educating others.
  • A group that embraces diversity and change.
  • A group of women who take responsibility for our actions