About the Coven

Sunday, November 01, 2009
Coven of the Twilight Moon is a traditional-style eclectic Wiccan coven in Southern California. We use the qualifier "traditional-style" eclectic Wicca, because there are many "eclectic Wiccan" groups out there who do not follow many of the tenets of Wicca as we percieve them. Over the years, eclectic Wicca has seemed to take on the meaning of "everything goes." We practice the craft of Wicca in the spirit of the tradition. While, we are not of British Traditional lineage, we believe in the polarity of the God and Goddess, we use the Wiccan ritual structure, we believe the law of return, and abide by the Rede.

We honor the moon in esbat circles, and celebrate the eight holidays of the wheel of the year. Our coven is structured, hierarchal and all initiates contribute to circles, gatherings, lessons and fun. That being said, we are eclectic. We honor God/dess(es) from different cultures, we aren't afraid to try new things in circle, and we add to our structure, rituals, classes and sisters- in order to further our growth as individuals, as a magickal group, and as a family.

Most of us are out of the broom closet, for the most part. We may not shout it from the rooftops, but we do take photos and post them online. Also, we are all women-born women, and our practices focus on education, inner growth and sisterhood.