February's All Coven Meeting

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Our last all coven meeting was really great! We did some energy exercises, drawing it from different sources, shaping it and directing it. I have a picture of Amber and Willow sitting on the ground with a nice big orb in between them. I'll edit this and post it soon.

We have a meeting this weekend, too. Dominique will be presenting her final dedicant project on journeying, and if time allows, we'll be doing some more work on energy. Its so nice to be able to go back and concentrate on the basics once in a while.

As for myself, I need to update the website. We have a new dedicant, Amber. That will bring our number to eight. We start Wicca 101 tomorrow. This would be our sixth Wicca 101 circuit! Its almost March already! Ostara is coming up so soon! And then its Beltane, our first "friends and family" ritual of the year, and the opening of our Outer Court again.

Rayne is beginning work on our coven newsletter, something that we'll be posting here, as well as on our website and our friends and family group. Its something that we all will contribute to! So fun!

Its been so long since we've really updated the blog, I kinda feel as though this is a Christmas "card" newsletter! Trying to shove a couple months worth of updates into one post!

Also, it looks as though the Society of Sister Witches will be putting together a study group. Woohoo! We'll each take turns teaching a class. Too fun! I know its not directly coven related, but since all of the coven members are also members of SSW, I thought I'd mention it. :)