Biographies of the Sisters of CTM

Lady Ivy Artemisia
Inner Court Member- High Priestess
Third Degree

Lady Ivy Artemisia is the High Priestess of the Coven of the Twilight Moon. She has been studying the craft since 1996, and has been working within groups for years. She experimented with energy raised online within a small, close-knit online coven in May 2001 and published an article on online covens in New Witch magazine, and was also mentioned in the book Cyberhenge: modern Pagans on the Internet by Douglas E Cowen.

In 2004, the online coven was dissolved after she joined a local eclectic coven in 2003. Initiated as maiden in this medium-sized group (Temple of the Four Elements), she was elevated to high priestess after the sitting high priestess was diagnosed and was dealing with many medical issues. The members of that coven disagreed with one another in regards to the direction, function and purpose of the group.

Ivy decided to let that group dissolve and start a new coven, one rooted locally with like-minded Wiccan sisters who wanted to build a tradition. Coven of the Twilight Moon was born in April of 2004, the first ritual- Litha. Since then, many sisters have found their path have taken them away from the Coven of the Twilight Moon, and many new sisters have found their way to the coven. She believes that through sisterhood, a common vision, worshipping the gods and love- happiness can be found for those who open their hearts.

Her personal interests include magickal herbalism, sacred crafting, gardening, and healing. Ivy is also a Reiki II practitioner.

Aislin Lumina
Inner Court Member- Maiden
Second Degree

Aislin has been practicing Wicca since Litha 1997 when she dedicated herself to the Goddess. She helped form a group in Boston called the Boston Pagan Alliance in 2000. She has practiced solitary as well as with an informal group in Boston made up of members from the Boston Pagan Alliance. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2004, she sought out a new coven to join and found the Coven of the Twilight Moon. She dedicated herself to the coven in fall of 2008 and was initiated into 1st degree in August of 2009. She is currently working toward her 3rd degree.

Inner Court Member
First Degree- Water

Beth has been a practicing witch for years. Her practice includes magickal herbalism, and kitchen witchery, and usually bakes the cakes for the 'cakes and ale' portion of our rituals.

Rayne Poppy
Inner Court Member
Second Degree

Rayne was originally one of the coven's founding members. After a lengthy leave of absence- and an out of state move- she's found herself back in the coven. She helped create a strong foundation years ago, and it's partially that familiarity that led her back to our circle.

Inner Court Member
First Degree

Blood Rose
Shadow Sister
Twilight Tradition Initiate- Second Degree

Shadow Sister

Shadow Sister

Shadow Sister

Hayley is a strawberry-blonde Aquarian, with an Aries moon, and a Capricorn rising. She is a master's student in Women's Spirituality at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She lives with her Capricorn boyfriend, David, and in my free time she watches TV, reads lots of different things, writes poetry, starts and never finishes novels, and sings songs. They live in Long Beach, but they've yet to walk on the shore.

(IC wave 1= earth, 2=water, 3=fire, 4=air, 5=spirit)