Coven Structure and Roles

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Groups of Members

Initiates- Coven members who have been initiated into the Coven/Tradition

First Degree- degree that you achieve during your first initiation
Second Degree- degree elevation after a depth of learning, able to teach
Third Degree- degree elevation to the priesthood
(Initiates are expected to work toward their second degree, but having reached that level, initiates can choose whether or not they want to train toward the priesthood)

Dedicants- Coven members who have dedicated themselves to the Coven, but not yet initiated

Aspirants- Aspiring coven members who have not yet dedicated themselves to the coven, interested parties


The Court System

Membership is made up of two courts, the inner court and the outer court. Both courts are expected to contribute dues ($5-20, sliding), collected at the monthly meetings.

Outer Court
The outer court is made up of dedicants who are interested enough in the coven to commit to participating in 75% of coven gatherings. Members of the outer court are invited to Sabbat and open Esbat rituals, social events and beginning classes. Some outer court members may be invited to more advanced classes. Outer court members will be assigned a sponsor, who will help the dedicant, including mentoring and answering any questions about the coven or religion. Outer Court members will dedicate themselves to the coven during a Sabbat or open esbat ritual, or possibly during a ritual with that express purpose. Outer Court members are referred to as "Aspirants,"until they dedicate themselves to the coven. Once they have dedicated themselves to the coven, they are referred to as "Dedicants."

Inner Court
The inner court is the group of initiates in the coven. The inner court meets regularly to discuss coven business, and are included in advanced and specialized classes. The inner court works on advancing their degrees.

The combined number of people won't exceed 15.


Coven Officers

High Priestess- leads rituals or designates the leader, coordinates day-to-day coven business and finances, makes decisions after getting everyones opinions, or organizes votes (usually polls on the yahoogroup). Acts in the best interest of the group.

Maiden- is the HPS back-up and assistant, fills in for HPS when HPS is absent or unable to fulfill her duties

Scribe- takes notes at meetings and coven events, posts on forum, also maintains coven calendar and coven history